Maya Hotkeys and Scripts

My up to date collection of Hotkeys, Scripts and a custom shelf for Maya. Makes 3D modeling a little faster!

Watch the YouTube breakdown:

04-March-2020 >> Fixed missing Shelf Icons on certain versions of Maya. 

17-October-2019 >> Added new Script used in the Sci-Fi Crate tutorial (selectFlatEdges.mel)

29-June-2019 >> First Posted.

24-July-2019 >> Made the installation video shorter. Nothing new was added.

Release Notes


I uploaded a fix for the shelf if you ever had issues like these where icons were missing or not loaded at all:

It seems that newer versions of Maya added extra lines of code that older versions didn't know how to read or simply scaled the icons incorrectly.

I have tested this with Maya 2018 (Student) and Maya 2019.1.

If you already have the shelf working and all the icons look good then you can ignore this update because it has zero new features. It was only intended to increase compatibility with 2018.

Delete the old shelf and ALL of the old icons and replace with the new ones. Don't worry about the scripts or the hotkeys, you don't need to update those. Just the shelf and Icons.

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