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Hey Tutorial heads, this time we are making a game-asset (an optimized mesh rendered in real-time).

We will start from scratch and create a high resolution Sub-D model first. Afterwards we will transform it into an optimized game mesh and create some UVs. Then I will show you how to create amazing textures with Substance Painter and render our crate in real-time using Marmoset Toolbag.

We even make a little holographic animation at the end to make our asset more interesting.


  • Using SubD modeling to create the High Resolution model.
  • Converting out High Poly model into a Game-ready mesh.
  • UV Mapping and getting the most out of our UV space.
  • Baking Normal Maps with Substance Painter.
  • Adding Textures and Decals with Substance Painter
  • Using Marmoset Toolbag to Render out Sci-Fi Crate in realtime.
  • Making a Holographic Animation inside of Toolbag.


  • Duration: over 10 hours of video recordings.
  • Speed: The entire tutorial runs at normal speed. No time-lapses or accelerated video.
  • Audio Commentary: Real-time commentary for everything (English).
  • Software used: Maya (Modeling), Substance Painter (Baking and Texturing), Marmoset Toolbag (Real-time Rendering).
  • Additional Assets: Final Marmoset Toolbag scene including the Crate and all necessary textures.


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Release Notes

-Added the original high poly mesh to the files. 

I didn't add it before because I didn't want anyone tempted to copy my high poly, since that would defeat the exercise of creating your own high poly based on the 2d reference, which is very important to practice. But here it is anyway.

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